Breakfast & Lunch Menu

March 2020

3/11 Breakfast changed to Pizza Bagel. Lunch changed to Chicken Patty.

3/12 Breakfast changed to Chicken Patty with Rice. Lunch changed to Chicken Broccoli with Rice.

3/13 Breakfast changed to Cinnamon Roll. Lunch changed to Turkey Pastrami.

Feburary 2020

2/14 Lunch changed from Hot Turkey Sandwich to Chicken Patty

January 2020

December 2019

12/5 Lunch changed from Korean Chicken to Baked Chicken

12/10 Lunch changed from Whipped Potatoes to Rice

12/12 Lunch changed to Cheese Pizza, spinach romaine salad, edamame and pineapple chunks

12/13 Lunch changed to Korean Chicken, steamed rice, house salad, edamame and pineapple chunks

12/18 Breakfast changed to WG Waffles with syrup

November 2019

11/1 Breakfast changed to banana bread. Lunch changed from whipped potatoes to steamed rice

October 2019

10/28 Lunch changed to BBQ Pork Sandwich

September 2019

9/18 Lunch changed to Baked Chicken

9/20 Lunch changed to Supreme Pizza

9/24 Lunch changed to Spaghetti

9/27 Breakfast changed to Turkey sausage maple pancake wrap

August 2019




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