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Students participate in these six special classes during the school day. They rotate between different subjects weekly.

Computer Science, Hawaiian Studies, SEL (Social Emotional Learning), STEM K-2, STEM 3-5, PE (Physical Education)

Grades K-2 are dismissed from their homerooms, Grades 3-5 are dismissed from their last enrichment class.

Tuesdays - Kindergarten and 3rd grade

Thursdays - 1st grade and 4th grade

Fridays - 2nd grade and 5th grade

4th Quarter 2024 Collaborator

February 2024 Collaborator

January 2024 Collaborator

November/December 2023 Collaborator

October 2023 Collaborator

September 2023 Collaborator

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September 02.jpg
September 03.jpg
September 04.jpg
September 05.jpg
September 06.jpg
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