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This month's Menu Changes


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8/5/21 - Lunch changed to Seasoned potato wedges and corn.

8/6/21 - Breakfast changed to Fruited Muffin (Banana bread)

8/13/21 - Lunch Changed to Mac & Cheese, baked beans and fresh fruit.

8/12/21 - Lunch changed to Popcorn Chicken

8/12/21 - Breakfast changed to Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Toast

8/13/21 - Lunch Changed to Mac & Cheese

8/24/21 - Lunch changed to Breaded Fish with rice and tartar sauce. Hummus & veggie sticks. Wedge Fries. Craisins.

8/26/2021 - Lunch changed to Chicken Patty


Past Menu Changes


9/1/21 - Lunch changed to Hamburger

9/23/2021 - Lunch changed to Teri burger

9/22/2021 - Lunch changed to pepperoni pizza


10/7/21 - Breakfast changed to Cereal and Crackers


11/16 Lunch changed to Breaded fish w/ rice, edamame and slushie

11/18 Lunch changed to Hot Dog w/ rice, mixed veggies and pine chunks

11/22 Lunch changed to Hamburger steak w/ gravy, mixed veggies and fruit cocktail

11/23 Breakfast changed to cereal and crackers, craisins and sliced peaches.

11/23 Lunch changed to Breaded chicken parry with gravy, salad, edamame and slushie


12/7 Lunch changed to Tasty Tenders w/ BBQ sauce and rice, Veggie sticks, pineapple chunks

12/8 Lunch changed to Mozzarella Stuffed Breadsticks

12/9 Lunch changed to Pizza

12/14 Breakfast changed to Cereal w/ Crackers and Fruit

12/14 Lunch changed to Breaded Fish with Rice, Wedge Fries/Veggie Sticks/Edamame, and Fruit Slushie

12/16 Breakfast changed to Cereal with Crackers and Fruit

12/17 Lunch changed to Hamburger Steak w/ Rice and Gravy