Student Voice Media

Welcome to the Student Voice Media section of the school website. Here you will find media created by Jefferson Elementary's broadcast team, grade 5 Media team and other students.

Trustworthy. Broadcast Skit

Trustworthy Cheating. Broadcast Skit

Trustworthy instructions. Broadcast Skit

Halloween Safety Video

Disrespectful in class. Broadcast Skit

Student Council Assembly Interviews 1

Student Council Assembly Interviews 2

Honolulu Police Department Halloween Safety Tips

Student Council Playground Rules

2019 Food drive video

Stairway Rules. Student Council Video

Attendance Video

Technology Responsibility. Broadcast Video

Genki Ball Video

Lunch Responsibilities. Student Council Video

Make Good Choices. Student Voice Media

Presidents Day Video. Student Voice Media

STEM Week March 2020






2019-2020 Career Day

On October 4th, 2019, Jefferson had its career day! Career day was chosen by students last year to display a variety of career choices to teach and spark the curiosity of students. We were honored to have police officers, fire fighters, computer science engineers, a veterinarian, a chef, the Army, and aircraft pilots take time out of their busy day and give us insight on what they do on a daily basis. The career day volunteers also offer students an idea of how they started in their journey and actions they took to get to where they are today.